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Pizza Margherita

Kids In The Kitchen – Italian Afternoon

March 18, 2017, 1:30-3:00

Price: $37.50

Kids, get out your Chef’s hat and get into the kitchen!  We are looking forward to stretching, rolling, stacking, baking and eating with you during our kid-oriented Italian culinary adventure!

After we decorate our Chef’s hats – which kids take home with them the cooking begins…

We Are Going To Roll Pizza Dough And Dress Individual Pizzas For Baking, Create A Leaning Tower Of Pisa Stacked Vegetable Salad (Can You Make The Highest ?!?) And Fill Cannolis With Fresh Cream!

Parents can get their hands dirty with the kids or relax with a latte and a newspaper and let us have all the fun.

Suitable for kids ages 4 to 10!

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