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Heidi - Butter Chicken

Lunch & Learn – Indian

May 23, 2017, 12:00-1:00

Price: $32.50

Forget eating at your desk or running errands on your lunch hour and join us for a 45 minute cooking demonstration and gourmet lunch.  As you enjoy your first course our Chef will demonstrate a main dish inspired by the region of the week.

Lunch & Learn is a fun and easy way to explore new cooking techniques and dishes, and to learn more about the food, culture and history from a different region.  And, don’t worry – we will always send you off with something sweet to enjoy on your walk back to work, or later at your desk!

The Chef never knows in advance what he is going to get from the market, so if you have any allergies or requests, let us know.

Please note that we advise coming a few minutes early if you are in a group and would like to sit together. Seat selection for this class is not fixed. Thanks!

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