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SOLD OUT – Plant Based Power Foods

January 26, 2019, 1:00-4:00

Price: $110.00

Plant-Based Power Foods

…Exploring the Nutritional and Culinary Power of Plants


You may have heard the term “plant-based” floating around, or you may even be trying to adopt a more plant-based diet yourself. Whether vegan, vegetarian, or even “pegan,” following a predominantly plant-based paradigm can have positive effects on the health of our bodies and the world around us. But it can also do damage to our wellness goals and the environment if not done correctly. Join nutritional therapy practitioner and chef Ellie Shortt as she guides you through a plant-based class, sharing some of the most powerful “superfoods” and how to incorporate them into incredibly simple and seriously tasty home-cooking friendly dishes. She will also guide you through some of the common mistakes and possible concerns of a plant-based diet so that you can figure out the best approach for your body, and of course, most delicious dishes for your palate. 




Pakora fritters with apple-cranberry chutney

Coconut curry with grain-free naan bread

Chai spice chia pudding with whipped coconut cream

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