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Sustainable Seafood

November 05, 2019, 6:00-9:00

Price: $110.00

Our local fishers harvest some pretty amazing seafood from our coastal waters, and our shellfish farmers grow some of the best mussels and clams anywhere in the world! Tonight Don Genova has a few different ways to help you take advantage of this bounty without too much fuss or muss. 



Albacore Tuna Tartare with a Kimchi and Asian Pear Salsa: delicate chunks of albacore tuna with minced shallot, lemon juice and sesame oil, topped with a spicy, fresh-tasting salsa based on juicy Asian pears.

Voodoo Shrimp: BC Sidestripe shrimp cooked with a Cajun spice rub, tomato sauce, sweet Thai chilli sauce and lots of fresh basil.

BC Scallops: Firm-fleshed scallops in savoury ginger, eggplant and Shiitake mushroom sauce.

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