Dan and Micayla Hayes are the team behind The London Chef.  She runs the business. He runs the kitchen.

Since moving to Victoria from London, Dan and Micayla – who met when she attended a cooking class he taught – have been building The London Chef. A lucky pairing, Dan and Micayla are perfectly matched to run this dynamic business. She brings extreme attention to detail and a strong business acumen, and he brings unparalleled culinary and teaching ability. Dan and Micayla love running The London Chef – both are community-minded, committed to offering the best food and service, and deeply passionate about making cooking accessible, fun, and cool.

At The London Chef we have a fabulous group of rotating guest instructors, stellar chefs, and attentive servers/bartenders. We hand pick the best of the best to work with us, and to work with you. Behind the scenes we have a full-time dedicated lineup supporting us to offer you the best classes, catering and events.

The London Chef Team

Nikita Williams

Event Coordinator

Sudine Forsberg

Class Registrar

Amy Bronee


Heidi Fink


Troy Pinkus

Class Assistant