Frequently asked questions designed to help you get started and start cooking.

What is Cooking School?
Cooking School is an online learning platform where you can cook along with the Chef in real time from the comfort of your own home, whenever it works for you. Cooking School is a fun and interactive way to improve your skills, become a more confident cook, and enjoy being in the kitchen more. Cooking School includes an on-demand video Library featuring over 100 videos (and always growing) and live online classes offered in various time-zones, so you can cook with us from anywhere in the world.

How do I access my account?
To get started, login to the Member Home at the top right of our website. Once you are logged in you will have access to the video Library and information about our 6 monthly live classes.

Do Cooking School members have to sign-up and pay for online cooking classes?
No. All of our live online classes are included in your membership.

Are the live online classes recorded?
No, live online classes are not recorded – these are designed to be enjoyed interactively with the group. There is an extensive Library of on-demand videos for you to do at your own convenience.

Are the live online classes offered in different time-zones?
Yes, we offer live classes in various time-zones each month to accommodate cooks across North America, the UK, Continental Europe or anywhere you happen to be located.

Are all live class menus in the video Library for me to do at a later date?
No, not all live classes are offered as videos in the Library, but many are. Some videos will be in the Library in advance of a live class, and others will become available in the Library in the weeks following the class.

Do you provide the recipes after class?
No, classes are intended to be a cook-along experience. You will always have access to the ingredient and equipment list if you want to recreate the dish, and many of the menus from live classes will be featured in the Library.

How often do you add new videos to the Library?
New videos are added to the Library weekly.

Can we download videos from the Library to keep?
No, Library videos are available to active Cooking School Members. You can download and save any of the ingredient/equipment lists for future use.

I have food restrictions. Will there be options for me?
Yes, there are lots of options for all different diets, food restrictions and allergies. There is an option to search for videos in the Library that are suitable for various diets (gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, etc). There are often suitable substitutions listed for live classes, or feel free to reach out to hello@thelondonchef.com with specific questions.

Will I need special cooking equipment to participate in live classes?
You should be able to cook along with Dan using your standard cooking equipment, but make sure to check the equipment list in advance of the class. The only tool that Dan recommends adding to your kitchen if you don’t already have one is a hand blender (also called a stick blender).

I am a skilled cook, will I still find Cooking School useful?
Yes, absolutely. Cooking School offers great options for advanced cooks throughout our library. The live classes are also a great way to test those skills, cook with others, ask Dan questions, and have some fun.

I am a local to Victoria, how do I order ingredients?
We offer local ingredient delivery for select classes. Please contact us at  to find out more.

Will you ever offer ingredients outside of Victoria?
Yes, that is the plan. Stay tuned!

I want to gift a Cooking School membership, how can I do this?
Thank you! Cooking School memberships make great gifts.

Gift a membership

I want to delay the start date of my membership. Can I?
You sure can. Send us a note to hello@thelondonchef.com and we will adjust the date for you.

Can I still cook with you if I am not a member of Cooking School?
Absolutely. You can join any of our live classes à la carte. Visit our calendar for more info and to register.

I am having problems accessing my account. What should I do?
We are so sorry that is happening. Send us a note to hello@thelondonchef.com and we will help you sort things out right away.

I want to cancel my membership, how do I do this?
We are sorry to see you go! To cancel your membership head to the ‘My Account’ area of your Member Home. Click on ‘subscriptions’, then click on ‘view’ – if you scroll down you can choose to pause or cancel your membership. You will need to cancel your membership in advance of the recurring payment date in order to avoid further charges. Once you cancel you will still have access for the duration of your paid term (ie if the end of the month or year you have already paid for).

I am a gift membership recipient and I want to keep cooking. How do I extend my account?
Login to your current gift membership account and purchase either a monthly or annual subscription to keep cooking! Buy Subscription