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Cooking School offers six live classes every month and an extensive video library, including recipes and cooking techniques.

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The London Chef is dropping knowledge on your kitchen counter. As part of your subscription you will enjoy these incredible features.

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Join us for one of our six unique classes offered each month, designed to help develop your meal repertoire and cooking techniques.

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Your subscription will allow you to access our entire content library with over 100 videos.


What can you expect from our library?

Full Meals

You’ll find everything you need to prepare an entire meal from start to finish.

Individual Dishes

Just want to learn how to prepare a single dish? We will walk you through each step.


A great way to improve your techniques, skills and basic cooking fundamentals.

Your teacher

Dan Hayes

Dan Hayes is the London Chef, a classically trained French chef most inspired by creating Mediterranean dishes.

For the past decade, he has expanded his philosophy around great food in Victoria, BC, and seen on APTN as the co-host of Moosemeat and Marmalade, a show bringing two very different chefs together to explore culture, culinary traditions and great food.

Dan has worked with talented chefs in Michelin-starred restaurants throughout Europe, styled food for Britain’s leading food photographers, and consulted on restaurant openings in London and the Canaries Isles. While teaching a class in London over a decade ago, Dan met Micayla, they fell in love, got married, and returned to Micayla’s home, Victoria, BC. Together they started a business and a family. Fast forward a decade, the London Chef is Victoria’s premier cooking school, having taught over 2000 cooking classes to an audience of over 100,000 students.

Dan’s approach with Cooking School focuses on educating his students on how to cook and not how to follow a recipe. His goal is to showcase a better understanding of using great ingredients and methods around cooking, so you’ll enjoy being in the kitchen as much as he does.

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Starts at only $19.99/monthly

STARTING AT ONLY $19.99/monthly