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French Bistro Classics

February 25, 2021, 6:30-9:30


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***Offering a safe cooking environment is our top priority.  Please note that in order to maintain appropriate physical distancing we are currently only offering cooking classes to pairs of guests who are in each other’s bubble and can cook together at the same station.  The price listed is per pair.  We will be offering classes that can accommodate individual participants as soon as we are able to.  In the event that we are required to postpone classes due to Covid-19 your class value will be held for you as a credit indefinitely.  If you have any specific about our Covid-19 safety plan or to learn more about what to expect in our classes please reach out to

French Bistro Classics

Gourmet French food is arguably the most influential cuisine in professional kitchens all over the world.  But, despite its high-end appeal true French country food was borne out of poverty, and modern day French bistro fare is heavily influenced by ‘peasant dishes’ that have been popular all over France throughout history.

Join me as we take a short walk through French culinary history, looking at foods that are unique to each region, and exploring French peasant culinary ideals while we cook and eat three traditional French dishes. Bon Appetit!

Menu: Warm Baguette & Saffron Rouille, Moules Mariniere, Coq Au Vin, Pommes Persillade, Crepe Suzette

If you are vegetarian/vegan or have any allergies please call us at 250-590-1865 prior to booking so we can help guide you towards a suitable class.


We are so looking forward to cooking with you! Having guests in our kitchen will be even more special after our very long, and unexpected closure.  While we have taken steps to arrange our space differently to allow for distancing, and increased our already stellar cleaning and sanitizing practices, you can expect your London Chef experience to be largely similar to classes you have attended in the past.  If you are interested in a copy of our Covid-19 plan or would like to have a more detailed discussion about what to expect please reach out to

** The pricing is per pair **


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