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Rustic Italian

March 05, 2019, 6:00-9:00

Price: $110.00

Rustic Italian food is one of the most celebrated food styles throughout the world. Simple yet satisfying, and complex without being complicated, rustic Italian food is the perfect meal to enjoy with family and friends.

From land to forest to sea, rustic Italian food celebrates local ingredients, freshness and seasonality. Join me for a look at both northern and southern styles of rustic Italian cooking. We will talk about, prepare and eat simple and hearty Italian dishes that can be easily and affordably recreated at home.

Menu: Bruschetta of Charred Vegetables And Salsa Verde, Risotto Nero with Squid And Cuttlefish, Pan Roast Lamb Chops with Mustard, Grano Padano Wine, & Yukon Gold Potatoes

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